PoshPaws Terms and Conditions

PoshPaws strives to create a safe, fun, active and stress-free environment for your pet. To ensure this goal, we ask all pet parents to adhere to the following guidelines.

Reservations & Cancellations:

  • All services are by reservations only. We require 48 hours’ notice for normal days and at 7 days’ notice for holidays.
  • Call directly to set up your reservation and fill out our online intake form.
  • Services must be cancelled with at least 12 hours’ notice of the scheduled drop off. Holiday services must be cancelled with a 48-hour notice.

Parent Supplies:

  • Provide all collars, leashes, any special food or treats you would like your pet to have. Mark everything with your pet’s name. We accept no responsibility for lost or destroyed items.

Health and Well-Being

  • All pets must be in good general health, free of any contagious diseases, fleas, ticks, or other parasites. Pets must be free of any condition that would adversely affect other guests.
  • All pets over 6 months old must be spayed or neutered. 
  • Puppies must be over 16 weeks old and have completed their Distemper/Parvo series.
  • Aggressive behavior: While we encourage interaction among our clients, if your pet becomes aggressive to another dog or human, we reserve the right to cancel service and request immediate pickup. If pickup is impossible, we will crate and sequester your pet from the rest of the clients.
  • Medications: We will administer any medications prescribed by a veterinarian. Medications must be clearly marked with your pet’s name, dosage requirements, and delivery times. No special containers, Ziploc bags, or other personal receptacles will be accepted.

Service Blocks & Fees:

  • Day visit: Any stay between 6:45am – 7:00pm
  • Night visit: Any stay between 8:15pm – 6:00am
  • Any stays during the service blocks will incur the fee for the entire block.
  • Holiday stays are 1.25% times the fee for normal days.
  • All fees are subject to change without prior notice or approval.